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This website is a culmination of my learning and collaboration with my peers from the Queens University course: Teacher Librarian Part 1 Cont997. Over the course of the last ten weeks we were introduced to topics and pertinent literature that would help us become acquainted with the position of teacher librarian. This handbook/website’s purpose is to help me and those who see it find relevant resources, ideas and information that they or I could use moving forward in our careers. The website is organized by links to each module we worked on and as well as some links I have added to serve as a database/server for me to store ideas and information I could use under the fundraising and library projects tabs. As I move forward in my education and career this will serve as a live document that I can continually add to adjust as I develop my niche as a teacher librarian.

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Mike Manhas

Student Number: 20300972
CONT 997 002 W21
Teacher Librarian Part 1 W21
April 2021