Being a TL comes with many challenges. Whether it be collaborating with colleagues, weeding books, keeping up to date, reading the new titles, connecting with kids, becoming digitally literate, working with administration, chasing down missing titles, or ordering new and relevant titles the job seems to never end. With diligence and organization we can tackled day to day tasks in order of importance. However no amount of diligence or organization will persuade our districts to increase our budgets! Therefore it is important for todays teacher librarians to think outside of the box to come up with new creative ways to increase our funding so we can get the new gadgets, books, and accessories we need to keep our rooms fun, safe, up to date and productive! That is why I have created this page. I will list some of the relevant fundraisers I have used below and will update the page as I find more and more ways to help increase our budgets. If you have any great fundraisers you know of please contact me via the contact link above and send them my way!


Purdy’s Chocolates: There are two types of fundraisers with Purdy’s, the seasonal fundraiser and the year round fundraiser. The seasonal one gives schools the opportunity to keep 25% of all sales while the year round one gives schools the chance to keep 50% of all sales. The seasonal one was very good. I was able to send out emails, letters, and advertise on our website to allow parents to know we were trying to raise funds. The process was very smooth and paperless this year. All orders and payments were submitted online. The chocolates were delivered to the school and I had leadership students help hand them out.

Scholastic Book Fairs: These are great little fundraisers especially the in person ones. However with the challenges we face with covid this year we were able to host a vurtual one and still raise some funds. Below are the pertinent details and info you would need to set up your own bookfair!

Once you call the number below or sign up via the website, and your Virtual fair is confirmed, you will receive a link to your Virtual Book Fair that you can distribute to the parent and school community. Please be advised that the link will not be active for shopping until your Fair start date. 

You can select any fair dates on or after October 19th, 2020, however, your virtual event cannot exceed two weeks in duration.

Orders placed online are shipped directly to your customer’s addresses, and you will earn 20% back in product rewards, no minimum sales required. You should see your rewards balance updated on your Book Fair Toolkit a few days after your fair end date.

Shipping is free with orders $35 or more, otherwise standard shipping is $6. At this time, Express Shipping is not an option. Your customers will receive a tracking number for their order once it is shipped.

Since this is direct to home delivery, you will not have to distribute items, or handle payment.

The site will show your parent community how much the school earned in books and resources from their participation, which is a wonderful way to thank them for their contribution. 

If you are interested in a Virtual Book Fair please contact us a 1-866-234-7319 or set up an account via our website.